Buy Property In Turkey

Why Buy In Turkey?

Today, hundreds of Europeans are looking to purchase property in the coastal resorts of Turkey. Many visitors return year after year, discovering the country's inviting charm, vibrant culture and  very friendly people.
Many people looking to buy a home in the sun have found themselves priced out of the domestic and European property market and choose Turkey because of the current affordable property prices.
The very competitive prices of the rising Turkish property market means buyers are seeing an excellent return on their investment. With Turkey's potential entrance in to the EU,  property prices will inevitably significantly rise.
Golden Sun Homes can help you to get involved in the property market with the minimum of fuss. With our extensive choice of properties, we have something to suit everyones pocket, contact us and find out how easy it is to find the property you have always dreamed of owning.

How to buy in Turkey
Buying in Turkey is easy to do and by going to the right people for the correct advice it will remove any doubts . Golden Sun Homes Homes have many years of experience and always puts you, the client first . Anyone can help you purchase a property should you wish, but you want to make sure that they are doing things correctly and that you are not paying over the odds or dealing with people with little or no experience.. 
 Should you decide to purchase through us, we will keep you constantly updated on your sale. We always provide you with all the information that we can, especially on the likely costs of the process and any other information that you feel that you should need.
Our extensive knowledge of Turkey and its culture, combined with over 20 years of experience of the property buying and legal processes, enables us to provide a first-class service. Golden Sun Homes have a very dedicated team of staff at hand to help you select the right property in the right location for the right price. Our staff are both English and Turkish and many of them are fluent in both languages, giving you peace of mind.
                                      LEGAL ADVICE
We always advise that clients use a solicitor for their own safety and it may also reduce the overall cost of purchasing a property. Golden Sun Homes can provide you with an independant reputable solicitor and translator at a very competative price:
The following is to help you understand the process of buying in Turkey:
Once the solicitor has been appointed he will check:
1. The title deed (Tapu)
2. The seller is the legal owner
3. The property is debt free
4. All building permission and licences 
5. All terms and conditions of sale are acceptable
Once the sale agreement has been drawn up as a legal binding contract and the buyer and seller have agreed and both signed, the title deed will be applied for . The process takes approx 6 - 8 weeks, this is due to the army search (this search is designed to prevent people with serious criminal convictions and terrorists from purchasing property). Should you be refused permission from the army you have the right to transfer the sale over to a nominated third party or have the contract cancelled.
Once the permission is received back from the army deeds transfer will go ahead. You can either be here to sign yourself or nominate by power of attorney someone to represent you. (the acting solicitor will do this for you).Should you opt for power of attorney the solicitor will ensure that all taxes are paid and the title deed is registered in your name.
Please note that the buyer is responsible for paying the water and electric connection and 1/2 the taxes due. Full purchasing costs are explained by Golden Sun Homes in full detail before any contracts are drawn up so you are fully aware of every penny you are spending.
For further information contact:                  
What medical services are available in Turkey as we are considering moving abroad?
There are no NHS hospitals in Turkey at the moment. There are Government and Private hospitals. Private hospitals are much cheaper than most European hospitals (approx 45% cheaper) and at times treatment prices can be negotiated. The quality of care is first class. It is important if you are considering coming to Turkey to live to ensure that you obtain Private health insurance, this can be obtained in Turkey. For a good comprehensive cover and piece of mind we recommend Bupa international ! for further details link onto
Are properties Freehold in Turkey?
Yes the majority are. At Golden Sun homes all our residential properties are freehold. Leaseheld properties are generally on the Commercial properties, however there are some freehold commercial properties as well. Anyone wanting to purchase Commercial properties out right should first check with their Agent if it is freehold or not.
Do we need a solictor to purchase a property?
Golden Sun Homes do not sell any properties without the use of Legal representation. It is essential that your rights are protected and the best way to do this is to use an independant reputable legal team. The solicitor will ensure that a legal binding contract is drawn up and signed by the buyer and seller. The solicitors job is to also ensure that the seller is also the legal owner of the property / Land and has the right to sell it. Ask yourself would you buy anything in your country and hand over thousands of pounds without the use of a lawyer? Would you buy a property from a waiter in a pub or restaurant in your country? The answer should be no! So please dont be foolish to attempt to do it over here. Come and speak to us first we can save you thousands of pounds and misery. (the solicitors role is explained more under legal advice above)
How long does it take for us to actually own the property? 
No one can have the deeds to their property until the Army have done a search on that person, this process can take anything up to three months. Once the all clear is given by the Army the deeds will then be transfered into your name. We do however have an agreement with local builders which allows our customers to furnish their new home and move in before the deeds are transfered, so you dont have to delay enjoying your new place in the sun!
Can we own more than one property?
Yes you can. There is no limit to how many properties you wish to invest in. Please note that for every property you purchase the Army search applies to each property so there will be the same wait for deeds transfer. For block purchases (as for example a complete complex) it is possible to obtain all the properties on one title deeds, should you wish to sell on you would however have to pay to get the deeds split into individual properties. 
Who inherits after our death?
Turkish Law is very similar to British Law Spouses inherit from each other and the next of kin (children if any) in the event of the death of the female spouse or both spouses. The property for the  next of kin if both spouses die is divided equally. The only difference is if the male spouse dies and there are children, 1/2 of his 1/2 of the estate goes to his wife and the other 1/2 of his 1/2 is divided between the children In the event of the woman spouses death then all her 1/2 goes to the husband. For ammendment on title deeds due to death will require legal assistance. 
Can we have a will drawn up in Turkey?
No at present they are not recognised in Turkey. Legal assistance would be required for any ammendments to legal inheritors. 
Can Golden Sun Homes Manage & Rent out our property?
We can certainly manage your property we have a very good after sales and property management service (please check our home page and go into property management for more details). We will assist our clients where possible to rent out their property, we will also advertise it free of charge on our website. 
Are their many British buying in Turkey?
Yes, the last few years have seen a considerable amount of Brits buying over here. There are many different reasons for this.  Some people have decided to invest their pension money in property over here due to the small return on their savings in Britain. Some people simply cant get on the property ladder in Britain and have purchased over here with a view to sell in later years to help them use the great investment to purchase later in England. Others have huge equity now in their homes and have used some of it to buy a dream holiday home. Others simply have surplus cash and see a great investment for the future! Quite a few people have also sold up and moved out here because of  the great climate and low cost of living and lets not forget the wonderful culture over here. The people are warm and friendly & love children. Crime rate is very low, what could be more perfect!