Investment in Alanya

Investment for the future 

Particularly in the last few years, Turkey has become a very attractive investment and holiday resort. Some of the reasons are, the wonderful climate, hospitality, natural beauties and not to forget very reasonable prices. Many foreigners have already bought properties in Turkey and all of them have one common aim – to make a sound investment which will yield a good profit in the future. 

Some investors use their property as a summer home, some all the year around and many people often choose to enjoy their retirement in the Sun. 

Property in Turkey is an investment for the future. Look at other Mediterranean countries such as Spain and Greece. Here the prices in the last 15 years have increased ten fold. The same pattern appears to be happening in Turkey as the prices have increased a great deal in the last two years. Furthermore, following Turkey’s membership of the EU, prices are sure to increase dramatically.

An old commercial principle reads:

"Lock business only with persons and companies, who are due to their fortune also able to be responsible for it."

Investment in our company in Alanya means we give reassurance and quality to you! The arrangements (enclosed) are designed for people who would like to enjoy a carefree eastern lifestyle and do not want to miss European marks of quality.

We offer world-wide well-known advantages in every way, we can also order now in this country Ytong quality.

Come to Turkey and see for youselves the new possibilities and challenges which await you.

Become acquainted with the Turks in their own country and you will be inspired by their helpfulness and their hospitableness.

We are pleased about your interest in an investment in Turkey Riviera.

We are pleased about your interest in an investment in Turkish Riviera.

Why Turkish Riviera?

From Europe removes only 3 flying hours.

Small taxes, low personal and life support costs.

Invest where other vacation make.

Clean air, in the summer hot and in the winter pleasantly mild climate.

Ideally for recovery and sneezing.

I wish you a successful day, where always you are.

Why Alanya?

333 days of sun a year.

One of the largest villages of the world.

Almost everywhere English and German is spoken.

Many natural beauties with delightful history.

One of the warmest and safest places of Turkey.

Alanya has the fastest land register completion in the whole of Turkey.

to 20 % increase in value with real estates per year.

In Alanya most Europeans live - already more than 6.200 have purchased property here.

The region around Alanya has much more interesting devolopments on the way.

Two new yachting marinas are being built.

A new airport, 30 km from Alanya is in the building.

The motorway from Antalya is nearly completed.

The university hospital was recently finished.

I wish you a successful day, were ever you are.

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