Our Service

We guarantee service of the special kind with our name Alanya Realtor


we are 365 days in the year for you locally and offer to you security and quality at favorable fixed prices.

you get your real estate ready for occupancy with Tapuguaranty (land register entry)!

we register (tax on real estate transactions) your object without costs of the current and water registration and registrations at the municipality.

if you wish, we help with requesting your telephone connection and you get a list with the most important telephone numbers in addition.

Costs of a telephone new connection: 10,- €

you look for a craftsman? We as builders know here locally the best price performance ratio! For all other work in and on the house we have also the correct "man". Our construction supervision helps you gladly. Costs: Depending upon material and expenditure.

when desired we take over the administration of your real estate for 180,- € in the year. We control regularly your object. If we should determine damage due from tempests or foreign effect, we fix these, if necessarily, immediately we repair. Inform us about your arrival and we air your real estate and arrange a basic cleaning. Also a filled refrigerator is not against calculation a problem for our coworkers. During your stay we obtain if necessary gladly cleaning forces (20,- € per day)

transfer between Antalya and Alanya with our Alanya Realtor service bus at the price of 50,- € per reservation and distance (one way). With this 50,- € becomes balanced the gasoline -, personal and vehicle maintenance costs, as well as park fees. The newest and most important information keeps you free from the driver in addition!

successful humans are successful, because they carry out more than others and because they examine and recognize the achievements of others critically. Examine us. One recognizes winners by the partner!

already many owners of real estate in Turkey are European, alone more than 10.000 of them are in Alanya of a total of 50.000 Europeans. Leave your property, to friends or business partners for the well-deserved short vacation, the recovery holiday stay or simply for friendly use. After arrangement we worry gladly about your guests.

Copying fees

Cost of the entry into the land register register with the Tapuamt: approx. 25, -€

Official translator

In accordance with law, an independent official translator for the language of the buyer must be present during the entry in the land register office. With its signature the translation is confirmed: approx. 50, -€

Additionally annual one time costs to the real estate

Annual real estate tax for your object. To pay is a thousandth of the purchase price.

(payable to 31.05. yearly)

Annual garbage fee, inclusive working on costs (payable to 31.05 yearly): approx. 10,- € river -, water and telephone costs


Registration for a dwelling (unique): approx. 80,- €

costs of a KW/H up to 150 KW/H = 0,11 € from 150 KW/H upwards = 0,17 €

monthly basic charges: approx. 0,65 €


Registration for a dwelling (unique): approx. 80 €

costs of one m³ to 20 = 0.40 €, from 21 to 40 m³ = 0.54, from 41 m³ upwards = 0,87 €

monthly basic charges: approx. 0,87 €

Telephone costs

Registration for a telephone connection: approx. 10,- €

costs of a unit: approx. 0,06 €

monthly basic charges: approx. 4,- €

Alanya Realtor service for our customers

Cleaning strength per day: approx. 20,- €

transfer per distance with our service bus: approx. 50,- € (one way)

administratives expense per year: approx. 180,- €

We are pleased about your interest in an investment to the Turkish Riviera.

“ Quality always disburse itself and new buildings are more favorable than old buildings!

Such exclusive plans, we build and mark out.”

We have many beautiful properties in and around Alanya, on which we have planned different projects. We look for investors for the realization of these projects. They can take part in such a project and profit from it.

An old commercial principle reads:

Invest in business only with people and companies off, due to their fortune also in a the position is to be responsible for it ! Let us with high safety and quality standards work for you! Our plans are sketched for people, who would like to enjoy life with European quality criteria but do not want an unencumbered eastern life-style. We offer world-wide well-known advantages in the substantial and skeleton building method, we can order now in this country Ytong quality. Come also into this country, were new possibilities and challenges wait all for us. Become acquainted with the Turks in their own country and you will be inspired by their helpfulness and hospitality.