TAPU (Title Deed)

Informations about TAPU (Title Deed)

The TAPU is an official confirmation that you are the owner of the property you purchased.For foreigners who want to buy a villa or an apertement or a land in Turkey,the waiting period for obtaining this document is at this time about 2-3 months.

Yf you want to buy a property from our company(Alanya Realtor),all the necessary formalities will solve for you.

What is important on Tapu and the details

1: Adress of the property you bought.

2: Passport photograph of buyer.

3: Number of the piece of land.

4: Size of the piece of land.

5: Price of property in Turkish Lira

6: Change of ownership.

7: Name of the new owner.Your name

8: Date of the last TAPU.

9: Date of issue of the new TAPU.

10: Date and signature of the director of the TAPU OFFICE