Viewing Trip

Buying property in Alanya from the established developers is very similar to the experience in Spain. We organize short viewing trips from UK, which are subsidized by some developers.

You will be treated like an honored guest and stay in a comfortable hotel, taken to the viewing trips as well as the tours round the area to give you a feel for the area. The viewing trip agenda would include places of interest, entertainment, restaurants and bars. You will meet people who bought property in the area. The viewing trips to Alanya are aimed at the clients who are serious about buying the property in Alanya and not going on fact-finding trips. With that in mind, we however do not practice pressure sales as we know that 90% of our clients do buy property through us - the quality of properties and service speak for themselves.

In order to proceed with booking your viewing trip to buy a property Alanya, you would need to fill a questionnaire (click here to submit it on line) that would help us to assess your requirements and find a suitable place for you and your family.

We have special offers and dates for the viewing trips to buy property in Alanya, please contact us for details.


Real Estate Alanya - Alanya Realtor Properties will subsidize your inspection trip to Alanya. We will pay up to 600 € or £ 400 for your travel expenses if you do decide to purchase with us. We can assist you to find a flight, we can reserve a hotel room for you as well as we can arrange the transfer from the airport in Antalya to you hotel and vice versa if it is within the Alanya and Side area. The only way to buy a home in Alanya is during one of our subsidised inspection trips. The inspection is a 4-7 night information and viewing trip when you will see everything in your price range. You will see the area, speak to others who have done the same thing that you are contemplating